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Our Story

Every success and failure begins with a powerful story. The Manuscript Queen agency was developed to help creative entrepreneurs empower, engage, and enlighten audiences with their story. Stories that helps us further understand the human experience and drive forward communication, love, respect, understanding, and empathy for us all.

As a ghostwriting agency, we belief that we can help entrepreneurs shine a brighter light on literacy. Our mission is to inspire the author in us all to write the next bestselling book.

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Our Mission

The Manuscript Queen mission is to help fulfill the dreams and ambitions of publication for entrepreneurs and individuals.

We believe in the power of community to promote literacy in under-served communities. Our collaborative partnership will help promote education and creativity for generations to come.


It is our responsibility to believe in the institutions and direct investment of building communities of diversity to help bridge the gap of amplifying stories of under-served groups.


Committed to
getting the work done


It is our organization standard to operate with the integrity to promote authenticity within our work for our clients.


We are committed to developing and implementing strategies to consistently complete book projects that promote literacy across the globe.

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Let's work together

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