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The importance of storytelling.

We all have a story to tell...whose going to tell it.

At The Manuscript Queen, our mission is to help you

convey the words on your heart with love, compassion, and power to your audiences with the art of powerful storytelling. By partnering with our

boutique ghostwriting agency, we begin each collaboration by prioritizing

our clients stories and help theming to exceed their publishing goals.

Together, we can make literary magic for years to come. 

We serve our clients by:

  • Ghostwriting :Self help, memoirs, bios, and business based books.

  • Press releases, speeches, media kits

  • Private 1:1 book and group coaching

  • Grant writing and business plans

  • Social Media Content Management

  • Publishing

It's time to take your idea to the next level. Our team of writing professionals

are here to help!

Get started today!

Ready to Write

Professional ghostwriting services that helps clients write, edit, and publish manuscripts

your Book?

Got an idea for a novel? We can help!

Want to become a career author? We can help!

Thinking of writing a legacy book? We can handle it!

Our team of professional ghostwriters will help collaborate with you to write, edit, and publish your book.

How We Can Help

Typing on a Laptop

Access your creativity

to write powerfully.

Write an exceptional nonfiction book (especially self-help, how-to, business & more).

Writing a Diary

Break through

writing blocks.

Develop the habits of a productive writer who starts and finishes their work.

Assortment of Books

Grow your

author platform.

Write a book proposal to attract a publisher. We’ll help you meet publishers' and agents' requirements.

Minolta gets the job done! I was so impressed with how quickly she submitted her assignment, the ease of our conversations, and how responsive she was to my requests for edits. Communication is key! She communicates clearly and asks the right questions. It was a breath of fresh air.

I look forward to working with her in the future! If you need a writer,
I suggest you reach out to Minolta."

-Jonathan Silver, Corporate Communications at Fast Inc.


Ready to write your bestselling book?

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