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How Do You Plan To Publish Your Book In 2023?

Are you prepared to launch your book in 2023?

If not, I got you covered.

This week, we're dipping our baby toe into the publishing pool. When it comes to publishing a book most people assume it's just a matter of uploading a book on Amazon. Not quite. Before you upload your manuscript to the KDP site. Let's go over a few tips to get your book ready for its big debut.

Now that your book has been polished and primped for release. What should you do next?

It's an exciting time for you as the debut author. Before you book the venue for your book release party, there's more work to do.

In order to ensure that your book lands in the right hands. You will need to start with these critical tips for success. The best part is that you can start today!

  1. Start a mailing list: It's time to get personal with your audience. Create a mailing list for your audience to get to know you. Share your vacation pic, family photos, favorite recipes, and the inspiration for your book. Don't worry if anyone will read it. Just put it out there.

  2. Get active on social media: I know you're comfortable hiding out in your writing cave. It's time to connect with your readers. You don't have to be active on social media 24/7. Be visible and effective in making a connection with readers.

  1. Start researching book bloggers: There are people who get paid to read for a living. Are you as jealous as I am? Depending on your niche market start an Excel spreadsheet of book bloggers. Get to know their content, followers, and submission process.

  2. Use your current network: Do your friends and family know you're publishing a book? If not, you need to tell them asap. Getting the word out about your book is critical to its success. The more people in your network, the more opportunities will present themselves. Your cousin may have a book club. Your neighbor may belong to a members-only association. Your mom knows a few good potlucks. Try it out.

  3. Support local business- Before you go printing a flyer, take inventory of the local shops in your neighborhood. Establish a relationship with the owners. They may be willing to host your book during a special event during the year.

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